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Uplift Watersports – Parasail

From $90 each

Watch the waves breaking over the reef as you enjoy magnificent views parasailing above Port Douglas.

Tour Details

Be captivated by how peaceful and calm it is parasailing Port Douglas above the clear waters of the Coral Sea with the best seat in the house.

Choose a solo or tandem parasailing flight for a great family activity on the water.

Whether you’re a parasailing veteran or a nervous first-timer, the Uplift team will put you at ease with their friendly banter and commitment to safety.

There are two areas to fly in – just off the point near Anzac Park where the Sunday markets are located or off to the left up the coast which is more sheltered on higher wind days.

You will always get wonderful views of Port Douglas and the surrounding rainforest and don’t forget to also look out for sea life – especially in the whale season.

Take-offs and landings from the boat are very slow and gentle making you feel as if you are truly “floating on air” fitted with a special parasail harness and seated for comfort.

Our deckhand will inflate the chute from the back of the boat before calling you to the rear take-off deck individually where crew will clip you in securely before gently winching you out for your flight.

You are seated side by side on the tandem flight so you can share the experience of coasting up to 120 metres above the magnificent tropical coastline.

You can even request a water dip where the skipper slows the boat to lower you in for a “water dip” before speeding up for you to float back up into the air.

After about 10 minutes of spectacular views, crew will winch you slowly back down to the boat for a soft landing.

Regardless of how you choose to parasail, all the hard work is done for you so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Need To Know

  • Bookings need to be made by 4pm the day prior to tour.
  • No experience needed.
  • 12 years and over can fly on their own however they will need a legal guardian to fill out a liability release form at check-in.
  • Children under 12 years are welcome to fly but only in tandem with an adult over 18 years old. The minimum age is approximately six years old but is more dependent on their size – they will need to fit safely into the smallest harness.
  • There are minimum and maximum weight limits that vary greatly depending on the wind levels and conditions on the day. Email if you wish to discuss this further.
  • The total trip time is dependent on how many passengers are on board (maximum of 10). If we have a full trip you should allow 1.5 hours in total but most flights will be between 45 minutes and one hour. If you have somewhere to be after parasailing with us please let us know at the time of booking.
  • If you are adamant that you do not want to get wet then please make sure the skipper is aware – you may also want to tell your travelling companions as the skipper can fold under pressure!! Please note that during ‘stinger season’ (Nov-Apr) water dips will only be ankle deep.
  • Skirts and dresses are not recommended as you will be wearing a harness. You may get a little wet even if you don’t opt for a water dip.
  • You can bring a small bag with you on the boat. All bags should stay dry but we cannot guarantee they will not get wet so please think about the items you bring with you. Belongings can be left in the shop if you prefer.
  • You can jump on the boat as a spectator, although priority is given to parasailers. Spectator spots can be requested at the time of booking but are taken on a ‘stand-by’ basis only. If there are still spots available immediately prior to departure you can join us for a charge of $30 per person. We do our best to keep spectator spots free but cannot guarantee space will be available, especially during the busy school holidays.
  • Parasailing is a very weather dependent activity unfortunately. We cannot not run in high winds over 20 knots or in heavy rain. We will always contact you with as much notice as possible if we feel the weather is going to affect a trip to give you the opportunity to reschedule. However please note that sometimes the weather can change very quickly and we may have to cancel very last minute. On very rare occasions the weather can turn while out on the water – please understand that should the skipper deem the conditions unsafe to continue he will have to return to the marina. In all of these circumstances you will be offered a full refund, if you have not parasailed, or we can move you to another trip/day.
  • If you have a medical condition that may affect or be affected by parasailing you need to let us know. For example, but not limited to, back/neck issues, leg/ankle issues, epilepsy. The severity of the issue in comparison to the weather conditions may result in you not being able to participate. There are very few conditions however that would prevent you from parasailing but we must take into consideration the weather conditions. Pregnant woman cannot parasail, sorry. Please contact if you would like to discuss any special requirements.
  • We do not take dedicated photos as having a photographer on board would take up valuable space. However, other participants are usually very happy to take photos of you using your camera and you can return the favour. You are welcome to bring your own phone/camera/GoPro, but this is as your own risk. Alternatively we have a limited number of Go Pros available for hire – these are on a first come first served basis so please book in advance. You can capture wonderful video or photos of your experience and we give you the 8GB Micro SD Card to take home with you.
  • Tours depart from Port Douglas Marina. Guests need to check in to the Uplift Watersports shop in the marina for a safety briefing on arrival.

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof Camera

About Us

You are in safe hands with Rick and Sharon who have 21 years of parasailing experience and two decades in the tourism industry.

Terms & Conditions

  • 100 per cent cancellation charges apply with no refunds given for same day cancellations.  All times and dates can be amended subject to availability and conditions. In the even a trip must be cancelled by us due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstance then a full refund will be given.
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