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Dragon Adventures – 8-Day Cape York (to the Top) Tour

$4185 each

A fun way to experience the very tip of Australia negotiating breathaking 4WD  tracks and floating in exquisite streams and waterfalls immersed in nature.


Tour Details


This is the ultimate 4×4 Cape York Adventure, showcasing the best Far North Queensland has to offer.

We explore coastal tracks and beaches, mountain trails, waterfalls and hidden swimming holes in the Daintree Rainforest.

We also visit several National Parks and the Old Telegraph Track, all while cooking over open fires and sleeping under the stars.

The road conditions are challenging with many steep ascents, descents, and river/creek crossings.

The flora and fauna changes with the environment as we drive higher up into the Cape.

The diversity of the landscape includes huge sand dunes and rugged hills to rainforest, broad planes, woodlands and wetlands.

The wildlife is plentiful and includes salt water crocodiles, fresh water crocodiles, jungle perch, barramundi and turtles in the rivers and creeks; and kangaroos, water buffalo, wild boar, wombats, monitor lizards, snakes, cassowaries, and eagles on land.

This is a great trip for the photographer with a number of scenic stops providing chances to capture the essence of Far North Queensland’s unique flora and fauna.

DAY 1: Port Douglas to Rinyirru National Park

Departing Port Douglas, we head north on the Peninsular Development Road to Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park.

Rinyirru National Park covers an area spanning more than 5,000 square kilometres.

The Park contains various 4×4 tracks, historic sites and an abundance of wildlife, large rivers and extensive wetlands.

After setting up camp, you can decide whether to explore the area or just sit back and relax around the campfire while sharing a few sundowners.

You will enjoy a delicious barbeque and soak up the ambience before retiring to your swag under the stars.

Camp: We stay overnight at Kalpowar, where amenities include toilets and cold-water showers.

DAY 2: Rinyirru N.P. to Oyala Thumotang National Park (Coen)

Oyala Thumotang National Park covers an area of 4000 square kilometres.

It is home to sections of both the Archer and Coen Rivers; and to Savannah Woodlands and Melaleuca – fringed swamps and lagoons.

During the late 1800s, the area was renowned for its gold prospecting.

Camp: We stay overnight on the banks of the Coen River or the Archer River Road House.

DAY 3: Oyala Thumotang N.P. to Chili Beach Kutini – Payamu (Iron Range) National Park

This is a costal park that backs onto the heath-covered Tozer Range.

The park preserves the largest remaining area of low land rainforest in Australia.

The rainforest is home to birds such as the eclectus parrot that are only found here and in Papua New Guinea.

Camp: We stay overnight at Cape Weymouth (Chili Beach).

DAY 4: Chili Beach to the Wenlock River

Moreton Telegraph Station is on Wenlock River northern bank.

The original Telegraph Station was demolished in 1960.

The dawn chorus is superb and commonly seen birds include the wompoo pigeon, scrub fowl and bush turkeys.

Camp: We stay overnight in the grounds of the Old Telegraph Station or on the banks of the Wenlock River.

DAY 5: Moreton Telegraph Station to Fruit Bat Falls, Jardine National Park

Fruit Bat Falls are the scenic highlight of the Old Telegraph Track.

It is a natural weir that stretches across Eliot Creek, a major tributary to the Jardine River, creating a number of beautiful swimming holes.

Camp: We stay overnight at Eliot Falls.

DAY 6: Jardine N.P. to Punsand Bay campsite Cape York

The most Northern Tip of Cape York Peninsular features a broad diversity in its landscape.

We travel through areas of eucalyptus woodland and rain forest that is best known as the Lockerbie Scrub.

This is one of Australia’s most important biological sites.

You will discover flora and fauna that include a number of species found only in New Guinea and at the Tip.

Camp: We stay overnight at Punsand Bay.

DAY 7: Cape York

Free Day – take a drive or hike and explore the TIP of Cape York.

Sail over to Thursday Island on the ferry (pick up and drop off at the terminal included).

Camp: We stay overnight at Punsand Bay.

DAY 8: Cape York (fly back to Cairns)

Fly out to Cairns (transport can be arranged to take you back to Port Douglas if requested).

Need To Know

  • Bookings required at least seven days prior to tour.
  • Pick-up and drop-off from Port Douglas accommodation.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.
  • Ferry transfers and camping fees included.
  • Drinking water available at all times.
  • Tea/coffee provided.
  • Sky dome swags (with high density foam mattress), sleeping bags and pillows provided.
  • You will be travelling in convoy with two Toyota FJ Cruiser wagons (four persons per car), fully equipped with radios, satellite navigation, satellite phone, EPIRB (rescue beacon), self- recovery winch and equipment driven by very experienced drivers who are trained in 4×4 driving and recovery and first aid.
  • Mobile phone service limited.
  • Avoid white-coloured clothing as dust stains may occur.
  • One small soft carry bag or overnight bag no bigger than 605mm x 505mm x 380mm. Weight of bag must not exceed 12kg as space is limited. One piece of hand luggage (daypack) is advisable for everyday use for sunscreen, camera, etc.
  • Limited wine and beer (due to restrictions in the Cape).
  • All parties will be involved in setting up camp in various locations, erecting the swags, helping with the cooking and packing away. This affords more time to explore and enjoy the Cape.

What To Bring

  • Comfortable, closed footwear for hiking and walking
  • Swimwear with towel
  • Toiletries
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Cash for souvenirs

About Us

Your adventurous guides Wayne and Taff have driven 4×4 vehicles in Australia, Africa, Scandinavia, Europe and The Middle East.

Other wild credits include sailing across the Pacific, mountaineering, rock-climbing, camping, diving and fishing on most continents.

They are fully trained in advanced 4×4 skills, defensive driving, navigational techniques and have current first aid qualifications.

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellations within 60 days of Cape York tour will incur a $100 administration fee.
  • Cancellations within 50 days of Cape York tour will incur a 25 per cent cancellation fee.
  • No refunds for cancellations within 45 days of Cape York tour.
  • Dragon Adventures and or any of its employees accepts no responsibility, or is liable for any act of omission whatsoever, including inside or outside their control for any booking, contract, travel, accommodation or tour which may result in any loss, damage, accident, detention, diversion or theft in regard to personal belongings and or luggage and will be exempt from liability in respect of indirect and direct or consequential loss or damage, death, injury, sickness, irregularity, delay and additional expenses or inconvenience or any other event beyond its control including accident or failure to machinery, equipment, accommodation, transport or any other services, any acts of God, dangers, and incidents to the sea or fire, any acts of government or other authorities, delays, strikes, cancellations or changes in the tour itinerary or schedules whatsoever, howsoever by whosoever caused.
  • Dragon Adventure tours or any of its agents or associates are not responsible or liable for loss or damage or theft of luggage, personal belongings whatsoever. We are also not responsible or liable for personal injury, accidents, hospitalization, illness or medical expenses.
  • Dragon Adventures reserve the right to alter, and or cancel any section and or parts of the Cape York itinerary which may result from bad road conditions or inclement weather conditions or any other condition which will put any of the tour party in any potential or eminent danger. Whilst we will endeavour to keep arrival and departure times given in the itinerary no guarantee will be made that these will be kept.
  • Dragon Adventures will not be liable for any costs incurred through failure to connect with any other service, also any personal expenses incurred by the passenger as a result of any delay, alteration or curtailment of the tour or any or part of the tour caused by inclement weather conditions, bad road conditions, mechanical defects or any other causes.
  • Dragon Adventures shall not in any circumstances be held liable or accept any responsibility for any of the following: any loss, acts, omissions, defaults, accidents, deception, delay, failure or expense on the part of the transport company (Airline).
  • If or when any unforeseen circumstance or breakdown should occur Dragon Adventures has the right to change / substitute any of the vehicles to alternative transportation and or accommodation other than those listed in the Cape York itinerary at any time.
  • The itineraries, excursions and any highlights set out in the tour will be adhered to as reasonably and safely as possible. Dragon Adventures may alter the itineraries and excursions as they deem fit.
  • Any information contained here is correct to the best of Dragon Adventures knowledge and Dragon Adventures is not liable for any inaccuracies herein or any weather or road conditions that may influence the tour in any way. If for any reason Dragon Adventures change / alter or is different form the itinerary offered no refund is payable.
  • Dragon Adventures reserves the right to, without payment or compensation before the start of the tour or after commencing the tour to exclude any persons that may appear or look likely to endanger the health and safety or impair the comfort of any of the passengers. Any persons on the tour who commits any illegal act will be asked to leave the tour immediately.
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