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Windswell – Intro Kite Lesson

$110 each

Learn all the moves you need to master any kite sport while having plenty of fun on the sand with a small trainer kite.


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Anyone can learn how to fly kitesurfing once we teach you the mastery of the wind window, the key to understanding the elements to make your next step a breeze.

You will not find a more spectacular kitesurfing classroom than the southern end of Four Mile Beach and our instructors ensure there’s plenty of laughs while you’re learning.

Objectives include:

  • Equipment and location considerations;
  • self-launch;
  • safety and de-power systems;
  • wind window awareness;
  • parking vs power strokes;
  • flying straight lines; and
  • kite loops and handle passes.

No matter what kitesurfing level you’re at, we can help you get higher, faster, better, and have more fun doing it.

Need To Know

  • Bookings required by 4pm the day prior to lesson.
  • Lessons are held at the southern end of Four Mile Beach in front of Four Mile Park off Barrier St.
  • A second person can join you for the lesson for free. For extras it is $50 per person up to 10 people.
  • All required gear is included.
  • Option to purchase your own trainer kite for $219.
  • Lesson takes 1-2 hours.
  • Scheduled lesson times 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

About Us

Bretto Wright – Founder & Instructor

Bretto has been kite surfing since 1999 when he brought one of the first ever leading edge inflatables or wipika kites that came into Australia.

Bretto has a rich history of instructing all water sports and a passion for all types of surfing.

He is devoted to getting the right people at the best locations with the latest gear to score epic conditions.

Happy days.

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